State Of The Union Social

Generally, when you think about politics you don’t think about the influence of social media within that particular sector. For the 2016 State of The Union Address, Limitless partnered with The Obama Administration to bridge the gap between millennials and the political landscape. 



Early in his campaign, President Obama made it clear that millennials would be a vital part of his presidency. Getting this key demographic engaged with the Obama Administration would be important for the future of the United States.

Our goal was simple: utilize social media to not only connect with millennials but to have these individuals promote and share President Obama’s message across all of their social media platforms.

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We partnered with the Obama Administration Digital Team to create a reinvigorated, youth friendly environment that consisted of tailored State of The Union Snapchat filters and photo booth experiences which encouraged social sharing. The night capped off with special guest appearances by BET’s Terrance J. and a musical performance by D.C. rap native Wale.

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Through Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter alone, we were able to generate over 1 million digital impressions from influencers and millennials throughout the evening. This key demographic has been and was the foundation of the Obama Administration’s voice to deliver a message that was heard and seen throughout America.

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